Metalenema Episode 2-13-19

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The Undertaker returns from Australia to bore you with stories of his trip, along with playing new tracks from Critical Defiance, Ectovoid, and Suhnopfer! Crikey!

Note: Yes, we know our mics are still over-loud. We are trying to solve it.



Metalenema Episode 1-23-19 - Loads of Chaos!

That horrible new movie has everyone talking, but here at Metalenema, we're mostly interested to know what the porn parody will look like! Listen to hear our predictions!



Metalenema Episode 1-16-19

The Undertaker talks about crap that was on cable TV in the 80s, and a behind the scenes story of the first Dismember photo shoot!



Metalenema Episode 1-9-19

The Undertaker reveals his paranoia about punks pretending to be metal, and the whole show is recorded overloud, for some reason!



Metalenema Episode 1-2-19

Happy New Year! We go on about small-market rap groups and why nobody knows about fire safety anymore!



Metalenema Episode 12-19-18

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Last show of 2018, and we go out with a bang! Nothing but combat metal (as opposed to war metal, we'll explain)! God Jul, y'all!



Metalenema Episode 12-12-18 - Best of 2018

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Metalenema's Album of the Year!

A lot of good stuff came out this year, not that you'd realize it from looking at some of the best-of lists floating around many "metal" media outlets. We got the goods for you, though - some you loved, some you missed, some you should revisit. Strap yourself in for three hours of metal excellence!


Top 5 of 2018

1) Funeral Mist, "Hekatomb" - Arioch returns to the fray in a sneak attack that strips the material back to the lean, mean days of Devilry. Vocal contortions, blasts for days, and daring musical asides will leave you confounded and condemned.

2) Vargrav, "Netherstorm" - A whirling maelstrom of Finnish symphonic black metal that points towards the best efforts of early Emperor and Kataxu. What's not to love?

3) Atroce, "Necromantiae Bestialis" - Quebec continues to dominate the deepest depths of the underground with this blistering spell of violent black death.

4) Omegavortex, "Promo 2018" - From the ashes of the vaunted German act Beyond comes its next twisted iteration. If this is just a simple promo, the official full-length is probably going to top our "Best of 2019" list.

5) Taphos, "Come Etherial Somberness" - One of the new onslaught of Danish death metal acts, Taphos does its share of the heavy lifting and comes out on top of the heap.

The Master List: