Metalenema Epsiode 11-16-22 - an evening with Svartalv, part 4


We wrap things up in our final episode with Svartalv of Nocturnal Breed. What a great guest, and what an adventure!



  1. Incarnator Incarnator - Part 2
  2. Karpathia Karpathia ft. Svartalv - The Ancient Queen ( Ancient Holocaust Mix )
  3. Schnitt Acht Rage Slash and Burn
  4. Paradise Lost Internal Torment II Lost Paradise
  5. Carpathian Forest Journey Through The Cold Moors Of Svarttjern Through Chasm, Caves And Titan Woods
  6. Godflesh Like Rats Streetcleaner
  7. Emperor Moon Over Kara-Shehr Emperor / Wrath Of The Tyrant
  8. Aiwass Children of the Cathedral World
  9. Morbid - Disgusting Semla Swedish Death Metal Demos 
  10. Sepultura Necromancer Bestial Devastation
  11. Tiamat On Golden Wings The Astral Sleep
  12. Immortal A Perfect Vision of the Rising Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism
  13. Coroner Reborn Through Hell R.I.P.
  14. Destruction The ritual Infernal overkill
  15. Beherit Sadomatic Rites Drawing Down the Moon
  16. Svartalv Back to Bone


Metalenema Epsiode 11-9-22 - an evening with Svartalv, part 3


Still more of the great Svartalv of Nocturnal Breed! We play some rare live cuts from them and Satyricon, and spend time making fun of the Scandinavian porn industry!



  1. Winter Eternal Frost Into Darkness
  2. Razor Evil Invaders Evil Invaders
  3. Satyricon Woods to Eternity Live in Voseelaar 1996
  4. Satyricon Mother North Live in Merkers Belgium 1996
  5. Satyricon Walk the Path of Sorrow  Live 1996
  6. Mayhem Freezing Moon Studio Tracks
  7. Impaled Nazarene Ghost riders in the sky Decade of Decadance
  8. Piledriver Sex With Satan Metal Inquisition
  9. Deicide Sacrificial Suicide Amon: Feasting The Beast
  10. Bathory Home Of Once Brave Hammerheart
  11. Morbid Angel Immortal rites Altars of Madness
  12. Venom In Memory Of (Paul Miller 1964-90) Temples of Ice
  13. Nocturnal Breed Nocturnal Breed - Alcoholic Rites - Org. from the 'Black Cult' demo
  14. Nocturnal Breed Nocturnal Breed - Armageddon Nights
  15. Nocturnal Breed Nocturnal Breed - Iron Bitch
  16. Nocturnal Breed Nocturnal Breed - Maggot Master [Live Berlin 97] 
  17. Nocturnal Breed Nocturnal Breed - Nunsploitation


Metalenema Epsiode 11-2-22 - an evening with Svartalv, part 2

We are back for more with our special guest, Svartalv of Nocturnal Breed! More stories, more laughs, more classic and obscure tracks! Crack a beer and join us!



  1. Pentagram Be Forewarned First Daze Here
  2. Tormentor Beyond Anno Domini
  3. Agressor Black Church
  4. Candlemass Black Eyes Chapter VI
  5. Mercyful Fate Black Funeral Melissa
  6. Combath Gloomy Sunday
  7. Sabbat Blood For The Blood God
  8. Venom Buried Alive Black Metal
  9. Warlock Burning The Witches Burning The Witches
  10. Master's Hammer Cerna Svatozar Ritual
  11. Morgoth   Darkness Cursed 
  12. Conjuration Conjuration  Clavicula My Coat of Worms
  13. Conjuration Conjuration  Rotting
  14. Death Zombie Ritual  Scream Bloody Gore
  15. Merciless Denied Birth The Awakening 
  16. Sabbat Do Dark Horses Dream Of Nightm Dreamweaver
  17. Gorgoroth Drommer Om Dod  Pentagram
  18. Death Mission   Evil Undead
  19. Dissection Elisabeth Bathory Storm of the Lights Bane
  20. Asphyx Embrace the Dead Embrace the Death


Metalenema Epsiode 10-26-22 - an evening with Svartalv, part 1

We're excited to bring back our "Special Guest" series to Metalenema with a multi-part episode featuring Svartalv of Nocturnal Breed (and Gehenna, and Satyricon, and a ton of other Norwegian bands you're not cool enough to know about). He came with killer playlist and a ton of great stories from the wildest days of the Scandinavian black metal movement, and we had a hell of a good time. You will too! Strap yourself in and listen now!

  1. Slayer Show No Mercy Live Undead
  2. Zyklon - B Warfare Blood Must Be Shed
  3. Aeternus Victory Dark Sorcery
  4. Gehenna The Pentagram Malice
  5. Gehenna A Myth Seen Through The Veils Of Dark
  6. Sodom Witching Metal In The Sign Of Evil + Obsessed By Cruelty
  7. Living Death Wood Of Necrophiliac Back To The Weapons / Protected From Reality
  8. Iron Maiden Wrathchild Killers
  9. Autopsy Your Rotting Face Acts Of The Unspeakable (Reissued)
  10. 1349 Blood is the Mortar Beyond the Apocalypse 
  11. Annihilator Alison Hell Alison Hell (Demo)
  12. Hades Alone Walkyng Alone Walkyng
  13. Unveiled Ancient King
  14. Angel Witch Angel of Death Angel Witch
  15. Antikrist Antikrist - Purification 
  16. Antikrist Antikrist - World Defiler 


Metalenema Epsiode 9-28-22


New tracks from Bitter Loss, Cruentation, Abythic, and Hieophant, along with the usual riffing and juvenalia!



  1. Bitter Loss God’s Grave Valleys Of The Fallen Empire 
  2. Antaeus Control And Abuse Blood Libels
  3. Cruentation Cruel Nailing Cruentation
  4. Dead Head Parabellum Slave Driver
  5. Abythic Conquest of the One True Creed Eden of the Doomed
  6. Acrimonious Ominous Visions of Nod Eleven Dragons
  7. Aura Noir Black Deluge Nigh The Merciless
  8. Cadaver Maelstrom Hallucinating Anxiety
  9. Cambion Fatalitism Conflagrate the Celestial Refugium
  10. Hierophant Death Siege Death Siege
  11. Thou Art Lord The Black Halo Daemoniorum
  12. Mefitic Execrable Precept of Ha-Melekh Ha-Goel Signing The Servants of God
  13. Black Dawn To Haunt And To Feed Blood For Satan
  14. Triumphator Redeemer Of Chaos Wings Of Antichrist
  15. Winterwolf Wolf Skin Mask Cycle of the Werewolf
  16. Gevurah Temple Without Form Hallelujah!
  17. Heinous Cursed King's Death Ritual, Blood and Mysterious Dawn
  18. Holocausto Escarro Napalm War Metal Massacre
  19. Chasse-Galerie Damnatio Memoriae D'Ost & De Verve
  20. Concrete Winds Dissident Mutilator Primitive Force
  21. Cornigr Furnace Foundation Funereal Harvest 
  22. Ritual Death Ceremonial Crypt Desecration Ritual Death 


Metalenema 8-31-22


Ritualization is our band of the month, so more from them, along with ridiculous speculations about live nudity on stage and having sex with overweight people. New tracks from White Rune, Coscradh, amd Devouror, and so much more!



  1. White Rune The Iron Claws of Satan Dawn of the White Rune
  2. Dawn The Ethereal Forest Naer Solen Gar Niper For Evogher
  3. Coscradh Feast of the Epiphany Nahanagan Stadial
  4. Satyricon Forhekset Nemesis Divina
  5. Nocturnal Breed Rape The Angels Raping Europe '97
  6. Besieged Testaments Violence Beyond All Reason
  7. Devouror Atomic Crossfire Slay for Satan
  8. Ritualization The Crown of Moloch Hema Ignis Necros
  9. Ritualization When the Chalice Runneth Over Hema Ignis Necros
  10. Proscriptor McGovern’s Apsû The Coagulating Respite Proscriptor McGovern’s Apsû
  11. Morbid Scream Timeless Sleep The Signal To Attack: 1986-1990
  12. Rigor Mortis Die In Pain Rigor Mortis
  13. Omegavortex Gateways Black Abomination Spawn
  14. Berator Swine Cult Elysian Inferno
  15. Zyklon-B Warfare Blood Must Be Shed
  16. Chthonic Cult On the Wings of Drought Become Seekers for Death
  17. Obtained Enslavement Witchcraft Witchcraft
  18. Black Dawn When The Shadows Become Flesh Blood For Satan
  19. Truppensturm Armed & Commanded Salute To The Iron Emperors
  20. Cultus Profano Crown of Hellfire, Op. 11 Accursed Possession
  21. Necrovorous Faces of Addiction Plains of Decay
  22. Massacra Revealing Cruelty Enjoy The Violence
  23. Macabre Fritz Haarmann The Butcher Gloom
  24. Lubricant Expulsive Gastroscopia Nookleptia


Metalenema 8-17-22

 Ritualization is back with a killer new EP, and they're our band of the mont! Also, new tracks from Critical Defiance, Archaic Mass, and discussions about summer water toys from the 80s!



  1. Torture Storm Alert Storm Alert
  2. Hellvetron Abbadon-Wings Of Perdition  Death Scroll of Seven Hells... 
  3. Forteresse Une Nuit Pour la Patrie Metal Noir Quebecois
  4. Nuclear Assault Analog Man Pounder
  5. Teitanblood Ultimate Revelation Descend Black Putrescence Of Evil
  6. Order From Chaos Conqueror Of Fear - IV. Plateau Of Invincibility An Ending In Fire
  7. Suppression Arrowheads The Sorrow Of Soul Through Flesh
  8. Purtenance The Lost Memories Member Of Immortal Damnation
  9. Concrete Winds Flaying Internecine Nerve Butcherer
  10. Atrocity In The Wake Of Death Infected
  11. Bathory Equimanthorn Under the Sign of the Black Mark
  12. Critical Defiance Dying Breath No Life Forms
  13. Ritualization The Crown of Moloch Hema Ignis Necros
  14. Mavorim Elfenblut Non Omnis Moriar
  15. Arckanum Sú Vitran Antikosmos
  16. Rotten Tomb Forgotten Graveyard Visions Of Dismal Fate
  17. Samael Ceremony Of Opposites Ceremony Of Opposites
  18. Sadistic Conjurer Rotting Eternal
  19. Archaic Mass Necrosites Mortal Extremities
  20. Chaotian Effigies of Obsolescence Effigies of Obsolescence
  21. Anticreation The Last Perception From the Dust of Embers
  22. Mayhem Pagan Fears De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas