Metalenema Episode 12-23-2020 - Best Metal Albums of 2020!


It turns out 2020 was an incredible year for metal, despite being awful for virtually everything else. The hits kept coming right up until the final bell, and we are here to make sure you catch them all. That's right, this list of “Best metal of 2020” actually features nothing but actual metal bands! How novel!


Notable stats from this year's haul:

  • Germany takes this year's MVP, along with many of the runner-ups, and Sweden and Finland remain in force, with notable assists from Greece and the US.

  • Our two most favored releases came out just in time to make their debuts on this episode.

  • Necrovore worship is officially a thing.

  • Ambush releases from established bands are also a new trend, which is fine by us. Hype is for scene kids who don't actually know what they like.

Top 10 of 2020

  1. Omegavortex, “Black Abomination Spawn” (Invictus Productions) – Continuing where house favorite Beyond left off, these psychotic Germans hurl forward into a vortex of unpolished, uncompromising death metal chaos. This was going to win our “best of” vote, not matter what, so it might as well be right fucking now!

  2. Abigor, “Totschläger (A Saintslayer's Songbook)” (WTC Prod) – Holy shit, new Abigor out of nowhere, and man is it good! All the twists and turns of the current era combined with the bombast and frenzy of the classic material. This would have taken the top slot if it wasn't for Omegavortex coming out the week before.

  3. Sorcier Des Glaces, “Un Monde de Glace et de Sang” (Obscure Obhorrence) – There's nothing we like more than a new SDG album, especially when it's a particularly good one! Quebec's long-running black metal lords bring the glace and the sang just in time for our winter of discontent.

  4. Mavorim, “Axis Mundi” (Purity Through Fire) – If you still miss Satyricon circa 1996, this Teutonic entry will bring you that and more with some well-appointed and imminently listenable black metal.

  5. Ectoplasma, “4 Doors to Death, Vol II V/A” (Unspeakable Axe) Four tracks on this split from these grisly Greek death metal upstarts were enough to make the grade. We can't wait for the next full-length!

  6. Sanctifying Ritual, “Sanctifying Ritual” (Iron Bonehead Productions) – If Morbid Angel had stuck with their “Abominations of Desolation” configuration for a follow-up, it probably would have sounded like this. Death metal of the old era, done the right way. No marketing acronyms required!

  7. Cultus Profano, “Accursed Possession” (Debemur Mortis Productions) – Easily one of the best current-era American black metal entries, Cultus Profano gets everything right with their excellent sophomore effort.

  8. Ordinance, “In Purge There is No Remission” (The Sinister Flame) – Finnish black metal with aggression, darkness, and atmosphere. It was one of the surprises of the year, and it rules big time.

  9. Black Curse, “Endless Wound” (Sepulchral Voice Productions) – Better than all the other bands of which this is comprised, Black Curse broke out in a notable way on this debut full-length. It's a dense and gripping piece of feral death metal worth hearing.

  10. Abyssfire, “The Raging Hearts of Hell” (Ridge ov Dragon) – We don't know much about this death/black band, except that they are new, from Russia, really good, and deserving of your attention!

    And the best of the rest:

  11. Abhomine Progeny Devoid Proselyte Parasite Plague
  12. Acherontas The Brazen Experimentalist Psychic Death - The Shattering of Perceptions
  13. Armagedda Guds kadaver (En falsk Messias) Svindeldjup Ättestup
  14. Ascendency Culling The Weak Birth Of An Eternal Empire
  15. Azarath Fall Of The Blessed Saint Desecration
  16. Cardiac Arrest Endless Dread The Day That Death Prevailed
  17. Cénotaphe Aux cieux antérieurs Monte Verità
  18. Deathsiege Poisonous Worlds Unworthy Adversary
  19. Deathsiege Victorious Dead Unworthy Adversary
  20. Enshadowed The Great Animist Stare into the Abyss
  21. Front Antichrist Militia Antichrist Militia
  22. Graceless Warpath Where Vultures Know Your Name
  23. Grafvitnir Into the Unknown Deaths Wings Widespread
  24. Ifernach In The Hollow Of The Togharmach The Green Enchanted Forest Of The Druid Wizard
  25. Ildskær Mellem Tvende Troner Den Rædsomste Nat
  26. Invincible Force Damned by Noise and Lust Decomposed Sacramentum
  27. Katavasia Triumphant Fate Magnus Venator
  28. Malicious Death Embalmed Deranged Hexes
  29. Mongrel's Cross As a Being Undead Arcana, Scrying and Revelation
  30. Nawaharjan Warassuz Lokabrenna
  31. Nexul Partitioned By Severity Scythed Wings Of Poisonous Decay
  32. Novae Militiae Advent of the Prophet Topheth
  33. Ofermod Persisting to Die in Thee Pentagrammaton
  34. Ondskapt Old and Hideous Grimoire Ordo Devus
  35. Perdition Temple Desolation Usurper Sacraments of Descension
  36. Sulfure L'antre de la tarasque Neurotisme
  37. Todestriebe The Impossibility of Atonement In the Vortex of Destructive Creations
  38. Wargrinder Plague Descendants Ironclad Destroyer
  39. Warmoon Lord The Morningstar's Descent Pure Cold Impurity
  40. Ymir Silvery Howling Ymir
  41. Yoth Iria Sid-Ed-Djinn Under His Sway


Metalenema Episode 12-9-20 - Quebec Black Metal, 2020 Edition

Winter is here, covid is near, and black metal from Quebec still reigns supreme! Feast your English-hobbled ears on the greatness of the French Canadian hinterlands, once again!

  1. Drave Le Démon Bleu et Blanc Terroir
  2. Sacrenoir La Gueule du Loup La Gueule du Loup / Liber Damnatus - Psalm I
  3. Déliquescence Genèse Averse Antinomisme
  4. Sorcier Des Glaces The Warlock Un Monde de Glace et de Sang
  5. Blight Elsewhere & Elsewhen Temple of Wounds
  6. Unquintessence To Finally Ascend in the Darkest of Paths Ruined
  7. Sanctvs Dans la pleine obscurité l’on Te devine Mors Aeterna
  8. Hak-Ed Damm MG42 Holocaust Over Dresden
  9. Ossuaire Sous l'Autel des Immaculés Derniers Chants
  10. Sombre Nostalgie Eloge Batailles de la Redemption
  11. Ciel Nordique La Ouelle II
  12. Esker Esker - Ordalie Demo
  13. Sombre Héritage Déchéance Alpha Ursae Minoris
  14. Ifernach A Winter Tree Clad In Black Frost The Green Enchanted Forest Of The Druid Wizard
  15. Délétère Milites Pestilentiae III - Babylonia Magnissima Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum
  16. Csejthe Nébuleuse tentatrice L'horreur de Čachtice
  17. Gevurah 3 Vanquishing the Realms of Creation MMXI
  18. Neige Et Noirceur La Mecanique de Lucifer Les Tenebres Modernes


Metalenema Episode 11-11-20

The new Sorcier Des Glaces out! Yessssssss! Also, new tracks from Svartsyn, Invincible Force, Malicious, and Grafvitnir!

  1. Grafvitnir Helvetesnatt Death's Wings Widespread
  2. Purgatory Nemesis Enigma Omega Void Tribunal
  3. Svartsyn Inner Demonic Rise Requiem
  4. Sorcier Des Glaces (Return to the) Primitive Grandeur Un Monde de Glace et de Sang
  5. Impiety Reigning Armageddon Versus All Gods
  6. Root Asmodeus Hell Symphony
  7. Invincible Force Illusion of Truth Decomposed Sacramentum
  8. Zyklon-B Warfare Blood Must Be Shed
  9. Malaphar Below Perversion Arisen from Flames
  10. Azazel Black Candle Burning Witches Deny Holy Trinity
  11. Vargrav Obedient, Intolerant, Ensnared Netherstorm
  12. Warmoon Lord In a Rotting Memories Grave Burning Banners Of The Funereal War
  13. Malicious Perpetual Paranoia Deranged Hexes
  14. Death Worship Superion Rising Extermination Mass
  15. Satan Life Sentence Life Sentence
  16. Rotting Christ Visions Of The Dead Lover Thy Mighty Contract
  17. Perversion Barbaric Execution Archaic Death Metal
  18. Ritualization The Graveyard Coven Sacraments To The Sons Of The Abyss
  19. Aura Noir Fed to the Flames Out to Die
  20. Sabbat Hosanna in Excelsis History of a Time to Come


Metalenema Episode 10-28-20 - Gary Oldman as Dracula returns!


Due to popular demand (yes, seriously, there were people who wanted this), we welcome back Gary Oldman as Dracula for a horror-themed Halloween special! 



  1. Sodom Witching Metal In the Sign of Evil/Obsessed by Cruelty
  2. Necromantia Devilskin Scarlet Evil Witching Black
  3. Katharsis Thy Horror 666
  4. Macabre Vampire of Dusseldorf Sinister Slaughter
  5. Blood Feast Vampire (Remix) Kill For Pleasure/Face Fate
  6. Rigor Mortis Vampire Rigor Mortis
  7. Black Dawn To Haunt And To Feed Blood For Satan
  8. Ancient Rites Quest For Blood(le Vampire) Blasfemia Eternal
  9. Moonblood Frozen Tears of A Vampire Frozen Tears of A Vampire (Reh III)
  10. Aoratos Thresher Gods Without Name
  11. Aeternus There's No Wine Like the Blood's Crimson ...And So The Night Became
  12. Beherit Suck My Blood Engram
  13. Vlad Tepes Returning To My Old Battlegrounds War Funeral March
  14. Mortician Redrum, Outro Mortal Massacre
  15. Mystifier Witching Lycanthropic Moon Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia
  16. Dr. Shrinker Rawhead Rex Grotesque Wedlock
  17. Black Beast Nocturnal Bloodlust Nocturnal Bloodlust
  18. Acherontas Kiss the Blood Psychic Death: The Shattering of Perceptions 
  19. Tartaros Images Of The Mystic Sphere The Grand Psychotic Castle
  20. Macabre Holidays of Horror Gloom
  21. Azazel Bloodbath At The Cemetery Witches Deny Holy Trinity
  22. Tribulation Beyond the Horror The Horror


Metalenema Episode 10-14-20


DJ Slitzkrieg announces a new business venture, and good death and black metal are played as well.



  1. Perdition Temple Desolation Usurper Sacraments of Descension
  2. Perversion Necroplasma Coagulation Archaic Death Metal
  3. Sepolcro The Malevolent Mist Amorphous Mass
  4. Solitary Key Prostration Of Belial Sulphosfurous
  5. Cultus Profano An Offering to the Prolific Goat, Op. 7 Sacramentum Obscurus
  6. Crucifier Toil & Trouble Thy Sulfur Throne On High
  7. Crucifixion Sick Are The Shadows Of Reality Desert of Shattered Hopes
  8. Angantyr Skyggespil Svig
  9. Torture Rack Corpse Revenge Malefic Humiliation
  10. Torture Killer I Chose Death I Chose Death
  11. Torchure Genocidal Confessions Beyond the Veil
  12. Frozen Shadows Forsaken Whispers Dans Les Bras des Immortels
  13. Abhorrence Pestilential Mists Completely Vulgar
  14. Nuclear Assault Analog Man Pounder
  15. Funeral Mist Shedding Skin Hekatomb
  16. Necrophobic Tartarian Winds Dawn of the Damned 
  17. Slutvomit Acolyte of Death's Destruction Copulation of Cloven Hooves
  18. Protector Whom Gods Destroy A Shedding of Skin
  19. Blood Storm Disease Falls from the Stars The Stellar Exorcism
  20. Svartsyn Wilderness of the Soul In Death
  21. Flamen I Furor Lunae


Metalenema Episode 9-30-20


New tracks from Proscription, Ifernach, and Eurynomomos, along with a discussion about droopy synods!



Toxaemia The Acquistion Buried to Rise: 1990-1991 Discography

Profanatica In My Kingdom Rotting Incarnation of God

Sadistic Ritual Malicious Misanthrope Visionaire Of Death

Acrimonious Satariel's Grail Eleven Dragons

Cornigr Faust's Dictum Funereal Harvest

Putrescine Deteriorated Mass Putrescent Utterance

Necrobode Tumba Universal Sob o Feitiço do Necrobode

Proch Intro Trupi Synod

Proch Trupi synod Trupi Synod

Sadus The Wake Swallowed in Black

Warmoon Lord Funereal Blood Burning Banners of the Funereal War

Ofermod A Likeness to Yah Pentagrammaton (Belfagor)

Warpvomit III - Abyss of Torment and Damnation Barbaric Triumph of Evil

Minenwerfer Wrapped In Barbed Wire Volkslieder

Enslaved Slaget/Skogen Bortenfor/Epilog/Slaget Hordanes Land

Ravencult In Macabre Triumph Force of Profanation

Havukruunu Kunnes Varjot Saa Uinuos Syömein Sota

Proscription Red Sacrament Black Communion Conduit

Ifernach In The Hollow Of The Togharmach The Green Enchanted Forest Of The Druid Wizard

Eurynomos Hypogeums Gate From the Valleys of Hades


Metalenema Rewind: 9-17-16 - DJ Slitzkrieg joins the show!


Just over four years ago, DJ Slitzkrieg made the mistake of joining Metalenema, and the rest is history! Here's to many more years of metal mayhem!



Metalenema Episode 9-16-20

Remember when McDonald's used to have the cinnamon Danish? Those were so good. Oh yeah, and new tracks from Ildskaer, Katavasia, Ordinance, Lifvsleda, and more!



  1. Black Funeral The Vampyric Rabisu at the Threshold Scourge of Lamashtu
  2. The Black Fleshless Alongside Death
  3. Black Beast Fist of the Devil [2019] Nocturnal Bloodlust
  4. Ildskær Mellem Tvende Troner Den Rædsomste Nat
  5. Novae Militiae Faithfully Reduced to Ashes Topheth
  6. Katavasia Blood Be My Crown Magnus Venator
  7. Omegavortex Black Abomination Spawn Promo 2018
  8. Genocide Shrines Ethnoheretical Padmavyuha Manipura Imperial Deathevokovil
  9. Blood Urn  Kataklysmic Epiphany ...Of Gory Sorcery and Death
  10. Ordinance The Kingdom of Nothing In Purge There Is no Remission
  11. Pestilence Out Of The Body Consuming Impulse
  12. Sanguis Imperem Praeternatural Order In Glory We March To Our Doom
  13. Lifvsleda Vederkvickelse Det Besegrade Lifvet
  14. Tsatthoggua Status Stürmer Hallelujah Messiah
  15. Spirit Possession Spirit Possession Spirit Possession
  16. Blood Divine Seed O Agios Pethane
  17. Enshadowed Beyond the Knowledge of Truth Stare into the Abyss
  18. Drastus Aeons Corpse Roars From The Old Serpent's Paradise
  19. Ciel Nordique Mon fils II
  20. Deathsiege Infiltrate Victimize Exemplify Unworthy Adversary
  21. Sorcier Des Glaces Le Puits Des Morts Le Puits Des Morts


Metalenema 9-2-20

 Anamneses | Macabre Omen

New tracks from Macabre Omen, Sulfure, and Dkharmakhaoz!



Perversion Bhagavad Genocide Archaic Death Metal

Sulfure Endémie chthonienne Neurotisme

Deathstorm Ripping And Tearing For Dread Shall Reign

Hovmod Total Krig Doedsformasjon

rapture taken by apathy paroxysm of hatred

Astriferous Myraid Of Grotesquerie The Lower Levels Of Sentience (EP)

Dkharmakhaoz The Cycle Ov Omega Proclamation Ov the Black Suns

Pestilength Slidrap Hwearf Eilatik

Warp Chamber Harvesting the Life Force of a Crumbling Orb Implements of Excruciation

Macabre Omen Anamneses from the Past (Sirens Calling) Anamneses

Infestation of Evil What Lies Beyond Infestatione Malorum MMXVIII

Ancestral Forever an Entity Ancestral

Mavorim Krieger, voran Verbrannte Erde

Fallen Angel Global Genocide An Omen Of Apocalypse

Death Squad Beneath the Shades Into the Crypt

Insepultus Hereditarily Afflicted Considerations

Graveside Prayersick Sinful Accession

Blight Kingship (man-Made-Naught) Temple of Wounds

Immortal Fate Pompei Beautiful

Musmahhu Slaughter of the Seraphim Reign of the Odious

Grave Ritual   Autonomous Death Morbid Throne


Metalenema Rewind: Episode 5-15-17


By popular(?) demand, the spirit of the mighty Red Eagle has returned to the Metalenema studios to being important messages about recycling! Tune in and hear the wisdom of this wayward windwalker once again!



Metalenema 8-12-20

Amazon.com: Monistat 7-Day Yeast Infection Treatment | Cream + ...

New tracks from Monistat Monstraat, Necrophiliac, and Cardiac Arrest! Plus the usual stupid stuff!


  1.  Rotting Christ His Sleeping Majesty Thy Mighty Contract
  2. Ritual Death Luciferian Pyre Ritual Death 10"
  3. Necrophiliac Kill All, Burn All, Loot All No Living Man is Innocent
  4. Atroce Le Feu de l'Opposition Necromantiae Bestialis
  5. Magnanimus The Sharp Dagger Of Extermination Of The Perverse Gods Impure Ways Beyond Shadows
  6. The Eye My Supremacy Supremacy
  7. Monstraat Black Soils Rise Scythe & Sceptre
  8. Judecca Trauma Induced Coma Awakened By An Eternal Death And Beyond (Compilation)
  9. Black Curse Finality I Behold Endless Wound LP
  10. Teitanblood Verdict of the Dead The Baneful Choir
  11. Tenebro All'Interno Del Cimitero Demo#1
  12. Vulcano The Evil Always Return 2006 - Thunder Metal (Split Nifelheim, Vulcano)
  13. Ascendency Altered Beast Birth Of An Eternal Empire
  14. Infinity Corvus Corax Corvus Corax (Demo)
  15. Beyond Merciless At Heart Fatal Power Of Death
  16. Graceless Retaliation of the Wicked Where Vultures Know Your Name
  17. Antichrist Siege Machine Purifying Blade Filth of the World
  18. Mortuary Aphyxiation Blackened Images
  19. Warlust Wings of War Trench War
  20. Macabre Omen Rhodian Pride, Lindian Might Gods of War - At War
  21. Blasphemy Ritual Fallen Angel of Doom
  22. Cardiac Arrest Sodomite The Day That Death Prevailed


Metalenema 7-29-20

The Undertaker breaks out some war stories, along with new tracks from Venomous Skeleton and Khthoniik Cerviiks!



  1. Absu  Pillars Of Mercy Tara
  2. Demigod Towards The Shrouded Infinity Slumber of sullen eyes
  3. Gehenna Eater Of The Dead Adimiron Black
  4. Deicide Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live Live In London
  5. Stench of Evil Venomous Fire Triumph of Perversion
  6. Venomous Skeleton Taste the Celestial Blood Drowning in Circles
  7. Demonolator Black Cult Occult Incantations of Evil
  8. Disciples of Power Protector Unknown Album
  9. Ghost (POL) Fight for Your World The Lost of Mercy
  10. Necromass Sodomatic Orgy Of Hate Mysteria Mystica Zothyriana
  11. Ectoplasma Infestation Of The Extraneous Ones 4 Doors To Death Vol. II
  12. Vlad Tepes Walachian Tyrant War Funeral March
  13. Oath of Cruelty At the Tyrant's Behest Summary Execution at Dawn
  14. Wehrmacht Anti Shark Attack [Remastered]
  15. Vulture        Delivered to Die Victim to the Blade
  16. Ancient Rites Crucifixion Justified (Roman Supremacy) The Diabolic Serenades
  17. Khthoniik Cerviiks Odyssey 3000 Æequiizoiikum
  18. Necromaniac Sealed For Eternity Subterranean Death Rising
  19. Massacra War Of Attrition Final Holocaust
  20. Pessimist Pyrosexual Cult of the Initiated
  21. Angelcorpse Sons Of Vengeance    Exterminate


Metalenema 7-15-20

We're back with debuts from Cultus Profano, Acherontas, and the usual mix of awesomeness!


  1. Repression Depraved Existence Portals to Twisted Frailties
  2. Damnakleez Damnakleez Angel Of Evil
  3. Odium Totus Pt. VI - Dystopia Paradigm In Inceptum Finis Est
  4. Catacomb Hallucinated Mountains In The Maze Of Kadath 
  5. Leprophiliac Infesting The Intruder Necrosis
  6. Sombre Héritage Déchéance Alpha Ursae Minoris
  7. Cultus Profano 1. Cursed in Sin, Op. 25 Accursed Possession
  8. Sijjin Remnants Of Cambrian Evil Angel Of The Eastern Gate Ep
  9. Kreator Pleasure to Kill Pleasure to Kill
  10. Embrace of Thorns Ancient Waters Speak Praying for Absolution
  11. Kaeck Wormvloed Stormkult
  12. Sarpa Anguishing Reveries Solivagus
  13. Shub Niggurath Royal Demon The Kinglike Celebration (Final Aeon On Earth)
  14. Black Funeral Pazuzu King of the Lilu-Demons Scourge of Lamashtu
  15. Fleshcrawl Lost In A Grave Descend Into The Absurd
  16. Acherontas Sermons of the Psyche Psychic Death - The Shattering of Perceptions
  17. Ripper I Origin Paranormal Waves 
  18. Crucifier The Rotten Whore of God Stronger than Passing Time
  19. damonacy infernal desolation from within
  20. Dark Reign Onslaughter Fire Power Resurrecting Death
  21. Malicious Obsessing Torment Black Fumes EP 


Metalenema Rewind: Episode 7-16-16

                                    Rewind movie Free Icon

Here's a classic from four years ago, when The Undertaker and Nt Khrist recount Destroying Texas Fest 2016! Enjoy!


Metalenema 6-24-20

The only thing we hate more than skinny jorts are so-called death and black metal bands who wear them. It just isn't an indicator of anything good. We're also anti-deck shoes, as you can see. Lots of new tracks this week, including Sanctifying Ritual, Front, and Regarde Les Hommes Tomber!



  1. Abhomine Gogamgoz Proselyte Parasite Plague
  2. Regarde Les Hommes Tomber The Renegade Son Ascension
  3. War Fare Rape Total Death
  4. Youna Tievelswizzan Zornvlouch
  5. Mavorim Der Himmel bricht entzwei Axis Mundi
  6. Sanctifying Ritual (Tales of the) Sinister Appearance Sanctifying Ritual
  7. Ljosazabojstwa Źniščany Boh Głoryja Śmierci
  8. Front Venom & Salt Antichrist Militia
  9. Brzask Intro Brzask
  10. Brzask Brzask I ( White Ravine) Brzask
  11. Inisans Holocaust Winds Death Fire Darkness 
  12. Wargrinder Absolution Through Armored Warfare Ironclad Destroyer
  13. Moribund The Ominous Oracle / The Bells of Revenge Have Tolled The
  14. Transcending Grace of the Lugubrious Paths
  15. Ravager Nuclear Vomiting Warcraft Naxzgul Rising
  16. Thanatos The Outer Darkness Violent Death Rituals
  17. Order From Chaos Forsake Me This Mortal Coil Stillbirth Machine
  18. Force of Darkness House of Baphomet Force of Darkness
  19. Maveth The Cyclopean Pylons Of Dis Breath Of An Abomination
  20. Konkhra Deathwish Malgrowth
  21. White Death White Death's Power White Death


Metalenema 6-10-20

People are protesting and rioting, and we're over here like "Hey, check out this new death metal album!" It's what we do, folks! We also talk about Instagram thots who couldn't even make a political statement for a full 24 hours before getting back to ho-ing off. Not that we mind!

New tracks from Exaugerate, Arrmagedda, Sedimentum, Formicus. Kurnugia, and Verberis!

  1. Incarceration The Beckoning Catharsis
  2. Incarceration Evoking the Possession Catharsis
  3. Deathsiege Poisonous Worlds Unworthy Adversary
  4. Deathsiege Siege of Death Unworthy Adversary
  5. Inferit Satanic Inner Birth Diverge in the Absence of Light
  6. Exaugurate Clandestine Malevolence Chasm of Rapturous Delerium
  7. Malign Entering Timeless Halls Divine Facing + Fireborn
  8. Triptykon Grave Eternal (Requiem, Chapter Two: Transition, Pt. 1   Requiem (Live At Roadburn 2019)
  9. Enthroned Skjeldenland Prophecies of Pagan Fire
  10. Exorcist Lucifer's Lament Nightmare Theatre
  11. Hagzissa Atavist Kama Aconite Trance They Ride Along
  12. Moondark The Dawn For Our Race The Shadowpath
  13. Oath of Cruelty Into the Chamber of Death Summary Execution at Dawn
  14. Armagedda Flod av smuts Svindeldjup Ättestup
  15. Hyperdontia Euphoric Evisceration Nexus Of Teeth
  16. Eurynomos Spell of Necromancy The Trilogy
  17. Sedimentum OBLITÉRATION Horrific Manifestations - Split
  18. Shrouded Deity Vast Xreations Consumed by Eternity Omens
  19. MACABRE Trampled to Death Gloom - Grim Reality(EP)
  20. MACABRE Cremator Gloom - Grim Reality(EP)
  21. Condor You Can't Escape the Fire Unstoppable Power
  22. Spearhead Violence Revolt Ruination Pacifism Is Cowardice
  23. Fornicus 08 Storming Heaven
  24. Kurnugia Eroded Faith Forlorn and Forsaken
  25. Verberis Fangs Of Pazuzu Vastitas 


Metalenena Rewind - Live at Messe Des Morts

Since everything is about protests and riots right now, so we're taking a trip down memory lane with our live on-the-scene coverage of the notorious Messe Des Morts 2016 protest in Montreal! Good times!



Metalenema 5-20-20

What's happening to your body? The guys explore this existential question with the help of new tracks from Hegemony, Bythos, and more!


This Week's Playlist

  1. Merciless Pure Hate The Awakening 
  2. Tsatthoggua Worm of sin Hosanna Bizarre
  3. Abhorrence (BRA) Hellish Annihilation  Triumph In Blasphemy (demo)
  4. Hegemony Fist of Heretical Triumph Enthroned by Persecution
  5. Triumph, Genus Po vrhu vždy je prázdno kolébek Po vrhu vždy je prázdno kolébek
  6. Grabunhold Gespenster Unter dem Banner der Toten
  7. Bythos Omega Dragon The Womb of Zero
  8. Astraes Pestis Pestilential Sorrow Flagellum Haereticorum
  9. Forteresse Spectre de la rebellion Thèmes pour la rébellion
  10. Violent Dirge Leprous Sanctity Elapse
  11. Accidental Suicide Method of Murder Deceased
  12. Fallen Christ Satanas (Luciferions) Abduction Ritual
  13. Mortem (NOR) Port Darkness Ravnsvart
  14. Mortem Hell And Beyond Decomposed By Possession
  15. Torture Rack Sentenced to Gang Rape Barbaric Persecution
  16. Excoriate Form Morbid Ruins On Pestilent Winds...
  17. Profanatica Sacramental Cum Rotting Incarnation of God
  18. Pentacle Pentacle - Black At Heart The Fifth Moon
  19. Ascended Dead Nexus Of The Black Flame Nexus Of The Black Flame 
  20. Seance Reincarnage Fornever Laid To Rest
  21. Funeral Mist Holy Poison Salvation
  22. ARCHGOAT Angel of Sodomy Black Mass XXX


Metalenema 5-6-20

Printable Ancient Greece Timeline from Twinkl (by subscription ...

The guys discuss the challenges of learning Greek history and debut the new Ofermod albums!


This week's playlist:

  1. Num Skull No Morals Ritually Abused
  2. Murg         Renhet         Strävan
  3. Incantation Rotting Spiritual Embodiment Onward To Golgotha
  4. Ofermod Unfolding Paradow in Final Redemption Pentagrammaton
  5. Ofermod Foamborn Kytheria Pentagrammaton
  6. Ripping Corpse Feeling Pleasure Through Pain Dreaming With The Dead
  7. Tenebrae Crimson Dusk Serenades of the Damned 
  8. Frozen Shadows Strangled by Fear Hantises
  9. Sanctvs Descends sur l’Homme tel une épée Flamboyante Mors Aeterna
  10. Vital Remains Cult of the Dead Let Us Pray
  11. Ravencult Merciless Reprisal Force of Profanation
  12. Antaeus Seventh Ceremony Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan
  13. Veles The Winter Morning Night on Bare Mountain
  14. Warfire Through The Ages Of Victory Heralds Of Eternal Order
  15. Midvinter Hope Rides On Devil Wings At The Sight Of The Apocalypse Dragon
  16. Ectoplasma Ghostly Emanations In The Mortuary White-Eyed Trance
  17. Svartsyn Nekromantic Flesh ...His Majesty
  18. Disma Purulent Quest Towards the Megalith
  19. Vorum In Obscurity Revealed Poisoned Void
  20. Dødheimsgard Angel Death Monumental Possession


Metalenema 4-22-20

Just because we got out of step doesn't mean you should have to wait! New tracks from Forgjord, and more!


Metalenema 4-15-20 - all new releases week!

Whooops! We didn't post our show last week. Sorry. This whole quarantine situation makes time pass strangely. We hope everyone is staying safe and well (and indoors). This playlist of nothing but killer new tracks should help!



Metalenema 3-25-20 - Pandemic Special!

Image result for nuclear assault the plague

Hey, we're back! What did we miss? Oh... yeah. Well in that case, here's a massive 3-hour show of nothing but songs about disease, plagues, and epidemics, because metal has TONS of them!



Metalenema 3-4-20 - Black metal countdown with "David Lee Roth"!

Image result for david lee roth joe rogan

We got a surprise visit from Over-the-hill David Lee Roth this week, and he helped corral the best black metal of the new era. It's an interesting listen, to say the least!



Metalenema 2-19-20

Image result for absu band 1997

We bid a fond farewell to Absu, along with the usual batch of killer death, black and thrash!



Metalenema 2-5-20

This week we unleash a fucking amazing Deicide bootleg, plus debut tracks from Drave, Navjarmaarh, and Nyogthaeblisz (we're not making these up, we swear).



Metalenema Episode 1-8-20 - Best of the Decade, Part 1

Metal releases continue to get faster and denser with each passing year (96% of it being death metal), so we have a lot of stuff to look back on. Here then, FOUR HOURS of the best of the best in alphabetical order. Part two continues next episode!