Metalenema Episode 12-22-21 - Best Metal Albums of 2021 (Part 2)

Concrete Winds "Nerve Butcherer" is Metalenema's album of the year!

The hard-hitting second half of our best-of list! We tried like hell to add everything we could, we expanded the Top 10 to Top 12 and then at the eleventh hour ended up with a stunning new Funeral Mist album to include. Feast your ears below!


Notable stats from this year:

  • Finland still continues to lead the pack, including two releases from their country gracing our Top 12!
  • Quebec still rules, and we're going to keep championing their bands until the sun burns out!
  • Three bands from Texas made big strides, namely Black Jackal, Steel Bearing Hand, and the newly re-christened Apsu!
  • Denmark had two of the absolute best death metal albums of the year. Keep up the good work, guys!
  • The idea of Slim Goodbody is as ludicrous as it seemed 45 years ago.

Top 12(+1) of 2020

    0. Funeral Mist, "Deiform" (NoEvDia) - Arioch continues to play by his own rules with another tangled and deadly outing that demands answers from the divine. Black metal par excellence.

    1. Concrete Winds, "Nerve Butcherer” (Sepulchral Voice Records) - Far more deranged and violent than it even needs to be, Concrete Winds takes the Necrovore formula and catapults it into brain-damaging territory.

    2. Baxaxaxa, “Catacomb Cult” (The Sinister Flame) - Photographically remembering their origins, this German outfit proves that true black metal is a frame of mind, not a date on a calendar. 

    3. Cambion, “Conflagrate the Celestial Refugium” - Remember how you wished Angel Corpse had managed "Exterminate, Part 2"? Well, here it is. Go now!

    4. Warmoon Lord “Battlespells” (Werewolf Records) - Epic and keyboard-laden in the best way possible, Warmoon Lord expands on their sound and gives classic Emperor a run for its money without heading into retread.

    5. Force of Darkness “Twilight of Dark Illumination” (Iron Pegasus) - The iron horse of the Chilean death metal movement returns with another edition of no-bullshit darkness and aggression.

    6. Sijjin “Sumerian Promises” (Sepulchral Voice Records) - The competence of Necros Christos combined with the feral trappings of "Abominations of Desolation" make this new entry a winner.

    7. Venefixion “A Sigh From Below” (Iron Bonehead) - death black from France that matches accuracy and ferocity with diabolical results.

    8. Hak-Ed Damm “Destructio Purificalis” (War Productions) - Frontal assault black metal from Quebec that hails from the same blasted territory as "Panzer Division Marduk". 

    9. Frightful “Spectral Creator” (Awakening Records) - Pounding Polish death metal that puts on no airs in the name of delivering the goods.

    10. Phrenelith “Chimaera” (Nuclear Winter Records) - Hyperdontia put out a killer death metal album this year, and Phrenelith said, "Oh yeah?" 

    11. Proscriptor McGovern’s Apsû “Proscriptor McGovern’s Apsû” (Agonia Records) - Texas' own drum wizard extraordinaire returns with a new name, a revived line-up, and a Pandora's box of maddened riffage. 

    12. Savage Deity “Decade of Savagery” (Inhuman Assault Productions) - Thailand surprises with meat-and-potatoes evil death metal that sounds like a lost Scott Burns production.

And the best of the rest:

Sulfure Stigmate Exorde du Vide
Lvcifyre Tribe of Khem The Broken Seal
Grave Miasma Ancestral Waters Abyss of Wrathful Deities
Rapture Predatory Menace Malevolent Demise Incarnation
Craven Idol Iron Age of Devastation Forked Tongues
1914 Mit Gott Für König Und Vaterland Where Fear and Weapons Meet
Galvanizer Blaze From Within Prying Sight of Imperception
Fulci Evil Exhumed Information
Azazel I Worship Him Aegrum Satanas Tecum
Malignament Storm And Chaos Within Hypocrisis Absolution
Marras Gathered to Rule Endtime Sermon
Mortiferum Funereal Hallucinations Disgorged from Psychotic Depths
Oriflamme Sacrifices! L'égide ardente
Monstraat The Layers of Mortality Monstraat / Hinsides
Hinsides På jordelivets sorgetåg Monstraat / Hinsides
Sulphurous Dry Breath of the Tomb The Black Mouth of Sepulchre
Ascended Dead Arcane Malevolence Ascended Dead / Atomicide
Morbific Necroslaver Ominous Seep of Putridity


Metalenema Episode 12-8-21 - Best Metal Albums of 2021 (Part 1)


This year another great year for releases, once again the saving grace of another horrendous year. Production problems with albums forced a lot of them to come out late, so we had to cram a lot of new releases in at the last minute. That means this year's "best-of" is a two-parter, with our Top 10 being showcased in two weeks. The playlist below should hold you until then!



  1. Morbid Messiah Angel of Disembowelment Disgorged in the Coffin
  2. Hexorcist Unrighteous Ceremony Evil Reaping Death
  3. Nekromantheon Scorched Deaths Visions of Trismegistos
  4. Steel Bearing Hand Command of the Infernal Exarch Slay In Hell
  5. Thanatomass Altars Of Nigromancy Black Vitriol & Iron Fire EP
  6. Sorcier Des Glaces Extreme Cold Weather (Messiah cover)    Ghastly Memories 
  7. Sněť Zamrzlý Vrch Mokvání V Okovech
  8. Enforced Beneath Me Kill Grid
  9. Nunslaughter Dead in Ten Red Is the Color of Ripping Death
  10. Hyperdontia Trapped in the Void Hideous Entity
  11. Pâlemort Puissance Profane Tour Du Nord
  12. Black Jackal The Outer Dark Forever War
  13. Destruction Ritual Chants of Relentless Violence Destruction Ritual
  14. Archgoat Black Womb Gnosis Worship the Eternal Darkness
  15. Kanonenfieber Der letzte Flug Menschenmühle
  16. Necromantia Daemonocentric To the Depths We Descend
  17. Chamber Of Unlight Crowns Of Divinity Realm Of The Night
  18. Apostasy Intro Death Return Death Return
  19. Somme Iron Kingdom Prussian Blood
  20. Kaeck Tegen Een Scharlaken Horizon Het Zwarte Dictaat
  21. Frightful Those Who Burns for Might Spectral Creator
  22. Deathfucker Hail, Predator! Firespawn
  23. Malum Messiaan Kuolema  Devil's Creation
  24. Whoredom Rife A Thousand Graves Endured    Winds of Wrath


Metalenema Episode 11-24-21

We talk a whole lot about Immolation and about purposely failing a grade to stay with your underaged girlfriend, and we also debut the new Concrete Winds and Kaeck!


 Pentacle Bound by Death's Ropes Spectre of the Eight Ropes

Sadistic Ritual Malicious Misanthrope Visionaire Of Death

Abhorrence Devourer Of Souls Completely Vulgar

Concrete Winds Flaying Internecine Nerve Butcherer

Ordinance Gathering Wraiths In Purge There Is no Remission

Marduk A Sculpture Of The Night Those Of The Unlight

Perdition Temple Carnal Harvest Sacraments of Descension

Drastus Nihil Sine Polum La Croix de Sang

Schizophrenia Structure Of Death Voices

Boundless Chaos Arson from Beyond Of Death and Perdition

Svartsyn It Breathes ...His Majesty

Agressor Voices From Below Neverending Destiny

Kaeck De Kwekeling Het Zwarte Dictaat

Asmodeus The Ascend Of My Demise Phalanx Inferna

Nyctophobic Jehova's Liars War Criminal Views

Abominator Scourge Immortalised Nuctemeron Descent

Immolation Lost Passion Close to a World Below

Teitanblood Seven Chalices of Vomit and Blood Seven Chalices

Master's Hammer Exhumace Fascinator

Monstrosity Darkest Dream Imperial Doom

Sacrifice Afterlife Forward To Termination

Thanatomass Funereal Ejaculation Black Vitriol & Iron Fire EP


Metalenema Episode 11-10-21


We're so late on this! Sorry! No Halloween show this year, but we do discuss the workout regimens of slasher horror villains, along with how much we hate vinyl!



  1. Axothyst   Rites of Ascendancy Blood of Dead God
  2. Blood Urn  Through the Mist of Death ...Of Gory Sorcery and Death
  3. Enochian Unholy Bible Satanic Ceremony
  4. 1914 Pillars of Fire (The Battle of Messines)   Where Fear and Weapons Meet
  5. Black Funeral Chemosh of the Dust and Darkness The Dust and Darkness
  6. Hak-Ed Damm Perverses Prophéties Destructio Purificalis
  7. Sulphurous Eyes Black Fury The Black Mouth of Sepulchre
  8. Sammath Blazing Storm of Steel Triumph in Hatred
  9. Necromantia Eldritch To the Depths We Descend
  10. Black Jackal Strike of the Whip Forever War
  11. Steel Bearing Hand Lich Gate Slay In Hell
  12. Maiestas His Ardent Throne (DevastNecro) Purgatorium
  13. Agressor Epileptic Aura Towards Beyond
  14. Burial Dark Womb Of Outern Creation Inner Gateways To The Slumbering Equilibrium At The Center Of Cosmos
  15. Maleficarum Fallen Woods Across the Heavens
  16. Sindrome Rapture in Blood Into The Halls of Extermination
  17. Venefixion Ways to the Netherworld A Sigh from Below
  18. Vortex of End Voraciovs Egregore Ardens Fvror
  19. Morbific Sawmill in the Mist Ominous Seep Of Putridity
  20. Dödfödd En Obotlig Passion För Att Blöda      Besvärjelse För Omvänd Rekreation 
  21. Brzask Brzask II (Wind Incantation) Brzask


Metalenema Episode 10-13-21 - "What the Fuck Happened" show with "Abbath"!


"Abbath" came to visit with DJ Slitzkrieg once again on a special "What the Fuck Happened?" edition of Metalenema! What crazy things will he say this time??


Entombed Left Hand Path Left Hand Path
Cynic Uroboric Forms Roadrunner Demo
Tribulation Crypt of Thanatophilia The Horror
Atheist On They Slay Beyond
Darkthrone Summer Of The Diabolical Holocaust Under A Funeral Moon
Covenant Visions Of A Lost Kingdom From The Storm Of Shadows (Demo)
Carcass Cadaveric Incubator Of Endoparasites Symphonies Of Sickness
Samael Poison Infiltration Blood Ritual
Convulse Putrid Intercourse World Without God
Satyricon Woods to Eternity The Shadowthrone
Tiamat Necrophagious Shadows Sumerian Cry
Atrocity Defeated Intellect Hallucinations
Ketzer I am your Unholy God Satan's Boundaries Unchained
Morbid Angel Blasphemy Altars Of Madness
Amorphis Vulgar Necrolatry Privilege of Evil
Pestilence Out Of The Body Consuming Impulse
Sentenced Beyond The Distant Valleys Shadows Of The Past
Paradise Lost Breeding Fear Lost Paradise [Bonus Tracks]
Sepultura Troops Of Doom Schizophrenia
Coroner Sudden Fall Punishment For Decadence
Therion Time Shall Tell Of Darkness...
Pyogenesis On Soulwings Ignis Creatio
Deathspell Omega Monotonous Ecstasy Of Death Manifestations 2002
Katatonia Shades Of Emerald Fields For Funerals To Come (remastered 2012)


Metalenema Episode 9-29-21


Album of the week - Rapture - Malevolent Demise Incarnation

The guys talk waaaaaaaaaaaay too long about all kinds of crap, and play a bunch of new material in between!


  1. Rapture Inaminate Frigidity Malevolent Demise Incarnation
  2. Azazel Jesus Christ Impotent Rotting Saviour Aegrum Satanas Tecum
  3. Sacramentary Abolishment The Day the Waves Died The Distracting Stone
  4. Lvcifyre Black Beneath the Sun The Broken Seal
  5. Pa Vesh En Sister of Sin Maniac Manifest
  6. Rito Profanatorio Eterno Sacrilegio Grimorios e invocaciones desde el templo de la perversión
  7. Sanctuaire Le sang et la sève Spectre de mondes passés
  8. Trance of the Undead Archaic Knowledge Unveiled Chalice of Disease
  9. Profane Desecration Forest Graves Abysmal Stillness
  10. Beyond Man World Without End Beyond Man
  11. Funeral Feast Necro Lustfall Exhumatiom Demo #1
  12. Funeral Bitch Omega Man The 80's Demos
  13. Graveland The Three Gifts of the Gods Hour of Ragnarok
  14. Odium Palace of Forgotten Dreams The Sad Realm of the Stars
  15. Baxaxaxa Ghosts of Törzburg Catacomb Cult
  16. Malignament Unforgiving North Hypocrisis Absolution
  17. Runespell Vengeance Reign Verses in Regicide
  18. Sanguis Imperem Possessed By Violence In Glory We March To Our Doom
  19. Praise the Flame Endless Scourge Manifest Rebellion
  20. Rundagor Woundprinks Stronghold of Ruins
  21. Deicide Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live Destroy The Faceless Dog


Metalenema Episode 9-15-21

We're getting pretty sick of saying goodbye to people this year. This week, we're paying tribute to the late great Ruben Elizondo of Imprecation, who passed away last month. The underground will not be the same without you. Check out the collection of his efforts below if you didn't already know why this guy was a big deal.



Imprecation Blood Dominion Satanae Tenebris Infinita

Morbus 666 The Majesty Of Lucifer Ignis Divine Imperium

Dark Reign Mayhemic States Fire Power Resurrecting Death

Imprecation Hosanna Ex Inferis Jehova Denied

Adumus         The Forsaken To Heed the Call of War

Dark Reign Chemical Death Autopsy of God

Imprecation Of The Underworld Theurgia Goetia Summa

Imprecation     Temple of the Foul Spirit Damnatio Ad Bestias

Imprecation Emperor of Infernal Spirits Diabolical Flames of the Ascended Plague 

Thanatomass Deathmass Extasis Black Vitriol & Iron Fire

Nunslaughter Broken and Alone Red is the Color of Ripping Death

Nunslaughter Beware of God Red is the Color of Ripping Death

Caverne Tiers Chant: Le Bûcher des Vaniteux La Fin De Tous Les Chants

Chamber Of Unlight On The Path Of Thy Shadow Realm Of The Night

Nirvana 2002 Mourning (Projections of a Stained Mind) Recordings 89-91

Demigod     Embrace the Darkness Day Of Darkness Festifall 

Dai-ichi Anata No Kubi Ni Bütsu O Nameru Virgin Womb of Eternal Black Terror

Varathron The Mystic Papyrus Genesis Of The Unaltered Evil

Nocturnal Graves The Great Adversary ...from the Bloodline of Cain

Ascended Dead Arcane Malevolence Ascended Dead / Atomicide

Black Jackal Extermination Front Forever War

Nocturnal Breed Dead Dominions Aggressor

Galvanizer The Ever-Crescent Prying Sight of Imperception

Lubricant Expulsive Gastroscopia Nookleptia

Tenebro All'Interno Del Cimitero     Demo#1


Metalenema Episode 9-1-21

This one's for Matze. RIP. The Undetaker tells stories about touring in Germany, along with a slew of killer tracks to back it up. Rage on!



  1. Nuclear Assault Brainwashed Survive
  2. Pentacle I Christen Thee Doom! Spectre of the Eight Ropes
  3. Messiah Lycantropus Erectus Choir Of Horrors
  4. Secrets Of The Moon Kaosthrone Carved In Stigmata Wounds
  5. Krieg Coldwind Flame Kill Yourself Or Someone You Love
  6. Katharsis The Black Grail 666
  7. Baxaxaxa As the Moon Inhaled All Sunrays Catacomb Cult
  8. Morbius The Suicides of Saturn Sojourns Through the Septiac
  9. Pariah Puppet Regime Blaze Of Obscurity
  10. Morthra Magnification Desecrated Thoughts (From Insane Minds)
  11. Oriflamme Sacrifices! L'égide ardente
  12. Drawn and Quartered Proliferation Of Disease Congregation Pestilence
  13. Pâlemort Rex Judaeorum Pâlemort
  14. Nucleus Replicant 4 Doors To Death Vol. II 
  15. Lethal Prayer (Us) Graven Image Spiritual Decay
  16. November Grief Recuring Nightmares To Live... In this World Of Chaos
  17. Ninnghizhidda Of Demons and Witches (Part I) Blasphemy
  18. Indestroy Dead Girls (Don't Say No) Indestroy
  19. Nekromantheon Zealot Reign Visions of Trismegistos
  20. Cambion Fatalitism Conflagrate the Celestial Refugium


Metalenema Episode 8-4-21


RIP Dusty Hill. Your humble hosts have scores of new tracks to blast your mourning ears, including new cuts from Destruction Ritual, Hellstrike, Deathfucker, Hexorcist, and Craven Idol.



  1. Destruction Ritual A blade as pure as a God Destruction Ritual
  2. Black Curse Enraptured by Decay Endless Wound LP
  3. Necros Christos Black Mass Desecration Triune Impurity Rites
  4. Hell Strike Chains of Frost Hellstrike
  5. Deathfucker Damnation Strikes Firespawn
  6. Hexorcist Sentry at the Seven Gates Evil Reaping Death
  7. Unaussprechlichen Kulten Search and an Evocation Teufelsbücher
  8. Fulci Voices Exhumed Information
  9. Angantyr Skyggespil Svig
  10. Niden Div. 187 A View In The Mirror Black Impergium
  11. Living Death Horrible Infanticide (Part One) Protected From Reality
  12. Atheretic Hermetic Seclusion Adhesion, Aversion...
  13. Absu The Sun Of Tiphareth The Sun Of Tiphareth - Alternate Mix
  14. Boundless Chaos Arson from Beyond Of Death and Perdition
  15. Pessimist Psychological Autopsy Blood for the Gods
  16. Marras From the Last Battleground Endtime Sermon
  17. Malum Son of the Dracul Devil's Creation
  18. Craven Idol Iron Age of Devastation Forked Tongues
  19. Hatespawn Blasphemous Redeemer - One World, One Voice, One Will Abyssic Conquerors
  20. Kult Ofenzivy Svědectví Symfonie Oceli
  21. Adorior Birth of Disease Author of Incest


Metalenema Episode 7-21-21


The guys come up with an interesting twist on female arousal while playing new stuff from Snet, Hinsides, and Impaled Nazarene!



Sněť Vesmírná Saliva Mokvání V Okovech

Necrophagia Insane For Blood Season Of The Dead

Impaled Nazarene Metastasizing and Changing Threat Eight Headed Serpent

Hinsides Afsägelserit Under Betlehems brinnande stjärna

Euthanasia Under Obscure Evil [Chopped By Sin 1992] Hideous Memories

Znöwhite To The Last Breath Act Of God

Digerdöden Besvärtad af Hin-håles Smutsvånda Genom Dödens Svarta Törst

Morta Skuld Scars Within Wounds Deeper Than Time

Youna Tievelswizzan Zornvlouch

Mortuary Rites Of Death Blackened Images

Nasty Savage Divination Indulgence / Abstract Reality

Macabre Omen Anamneses from the Past (Sirens Calling) Anamneses

Zoldier Noiz Regression Process Regression Process

Mortem (NOR) The Core Ravnsvart

Schizophrenia Structure Of Death Voices 

Malicious Secrets Divine in Sin Demo 2000

Triumph, Genus Snad jste do země zaseti Po vrhu vždy je prázdno kolébek

Impiety Barbarian Black Horde Versus All Gods

Svartsyn The Snake in the Garden of Eden The True Legend

Triptykon I Am The Twilight Shatter 


Metalenema Episode 7-7-21


The guys get scientific with the old story about how hand size is an indicator of packing heat, and debut the newest from Warmoon Lord in the meantime!



  1. Mystifier Soultrap Sorcery of Vengeance Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia
  2. Atroce Azag-Thoth U-Sud-Ra Necromantiae Bestialis
  3. Nekromantheon Dead Temples Visions of Trismegistos
  4. Angel Corpse Phallelujah Exterminate
  5. Asphyx Vermin The Rack
  6. Nécropole Aurore Solarité
  7. Warmoon Lord Oracles of War Battlespells
  8. Massacra War of Attrition Final Holocaust (Reissue + Bonus)
  9. M.O.D. Hate Tank U.S.A. for M.O.D.
  10. Ondskapt Semita Sinistram Grimoire Ordo Devus
  11. Malicious Death Embalmed Deranged Hexes
  12. Jumpin' Jesus The King of Worms The Art of Crucifying
  13. Satyricon Dark Medieval Times Dark Medieval Times
  14. Azelisassath A Monument Of Death In Total Contempt of All Life
  15. Sepolcro Unnamed Dimension Amorphous Mass
  16. Molested A Glade of Ingrown Blood Blod-draum (reissue)
  17. Sigrblot Blodsband Blodsband (Blood Religion Manifest)
  18. Marduk Baptism By Fire Panzer Division Marduk
  19. Mysticum The Ether Planet Satan
  20. Luciferion On the Wings of the Emperor Demonication (The Manifest)
  21. Cannibal Corpse Vomit The Soul Butchered At Birth
  22. Thy Darkened Shade Inferior Deathplan Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs


Metalenema Episode 6-23-21


Slitzkrieg went to John McEntee from Incantation's wedding, and brought back a full report, along with a selection of bands who played!



  1. Ascended Dead Arcane Malevolence Ritus Mortuus
  2. False Prophet False Prophecy Second Death
  3. Thy Infernal Wolfstorm Warlords Of Hell
  4. Incantation Eternal Torture Onward To Golgotha
  5. Morbosidad Sombras de Muerte y Sufrimiento Muerte de Cristo en Golgota
  6. Grave Miasma Demons of the Sand Abyss of Wrathful Deities
  7. Immortal Moonrise Fields of Sorrow Battles in the North
  8. Steel Bearing Hand 'Til Death and Beyond Slay In Hell
  9. Baxaxaxa In Shadows They Lurk The Old Evil
  10. Fleshcrawl Festering Flesh Descend Into The Absurd
  11. Abigor The Soft And Last Sleep Orkblut - The Retaliation
  12. Abigor Severance Orkblut - The Retaliation
  13. Deicide Behead the Prophet (No Lord Shall Live) Legion
  14. Lucifericon Intrinsic Being Al​-​Khem​-​Me
  15. Kreator Bringer Of Torture Extreme Aggression
  16. Innsmouth The Departure of the Three The Departure of Shub-Niggurath
  17. Kawir Danaides Adrasteia
  18. Initiation Mörkrets Ulvar Initiation
  19. Nastrond 666 May The Rotten Bones Absorb Life Again Todeslaut
  20. Apostasy Deceased in Funeral Death Return
  21. Katavasia Triumphant Fate Magnus Venator
  22. Cambion Fatalitism Conflagrate the Celestial Refugium
  23. Funeral Nation Misery After The Battle XXV


Metalenema Episode 6-9-21 - Return of the 40s-enema!

Back again by popular demand (yes, this was popular, go figure), the show does another rebroadcast from the wartime 1940s and shed a rare glimpse into metal on the radio in this fraught and uncertain era. Featuring new tracks from Snet and Clandestine Blaze!


  1. Contaminated Forlorn and Desolate Final Man
  2. Svolder Ibrahim's Vile Swine Desecration of the Five Holy Pillars
  3. Razor Cross Me Fool Live! Osaka Saikou 
  4. Transmetal Miserable Mexico Barbaro
  5. Seance Inferna Cabbala Fornever Laid To Rest
  6. Clandestine Blaze Wastelands of Revelation Secrets Of Laceration
  7. Hellpreacher Parracidal Unknown Album
  8. Necrovore Divus De Mortuus (1988 Demo) The Abysmal Plains Of Hell
  9. Blood Spill 2 Phantasm (remastered) Demo 1988
  10. Sněť Útes Mrtvol Mokvání V Okovech
  11. Sněť Kůň Kadaver Mokvání V Okovech
  12. Sodom Conjuration Persecution Mania
  13. Eurynomos Eye of the Pantheon The Trilogy
  14. Immolation Unsaved Failures for Gods
  15. Satyricon Woods To Eternity The Shadowthrone
  16. Cadaver Bodily Trauma Hallucinating Anxiety
  17. Sorcier Des Glaces Night-Dark Winds of Evil Un Monde de Glace et de Sang
  18. Hellish Crossfire Black Injection Bloodrust Scythe
  19. Graupel Das Blutende Mal Am Pranger...
  20. Sadistik Exekution Volkanik Violence K.A.O.S.
  21. Havukruunu Ja Viimein On Yö Uinuos Syömein Sota
  22. Nox Insane Hatred for the Supposed Ixaxaar
  23. Demonized Christ Carnage Demonized
  24. Lvcifyre Nekvomanteion Svn Eater
  25. Malum Dead but Breeding Devil's Creation


Metalenema Episode 5-19-21


Well, Dave Ellefson sure made a mess of things (literally, if what they say about the videos is true). We weigh in on that, along with the debut of the new Grave Miasma!



  1. Omegavortex  Stellar Death                 Black Abomination Spawn
  2. Vicious Circle  Experimental Flesh Cryptic Void
  3. Absu          Four Crossed Wands (Spell 181) Tara
  4. Profanatica  Pious Piece of Shit Disgusting Blasphemies Against God
  5. Nile             Masturbating the War God Black Seeds Of Vengeance
  6. Angel Corpse Phallelujah                  Exterminate
  7. Verminous Immersed In Semen The Unholy Communion
  8. Grave Miasma  Under the Megalith Abyss of Wrathful Deities
  9. Árstíðir lífsins Samkoma um sumar var sett á Þingeyri Vápna lækjar eldr
  10. Mausoleum Military Trend             Summoning of the Damned
  11. Skeletal Earth No Room for Mortals Eulogy for a Dying Fetus
  12. Silent Scream Theatre Of The Depraved From The Darkest Depths Of The Imagination
  13. No Return Trash World                 Contamination Rises
  14. Anarkhon Asymmetrical Chaos Spitting Stellar Graves Phantasmagorical Personification Of The Death Temple
  15. Acrimonious Satariel's Grail         Eleven Dragons
  16. Sapremia         In Lifeless Form
  17. Kreator        Under the Guillotine Pleasure to Kill
  18. Hacavitz   Lighting Bolts Ov Dead Venganza
  19. Celtic Frost Domain Of Decay         Monotheist
  20. Holocausto Eu Sou a Guerra         War Metal Massacre
  21. Mavorim         Die letzte Festung     Axis Mundi


Metalenema Episode 5-5-21


The Undertaker got his second COVID vaccine and they talk about it, along with a debut from the brand new Nekromantheon!



Nekromantheon Faustian Rites Visions of Trismegistos

Intestine Baalism Corporal Celebration An Anatomy of the Beast

Acherontas Coiled Splendor Psychic Death: The Shattering of Perceptions (320)

Slayer Cleanse The Soul South Of Heaven

GAMMACIDE Walking Plague Victims Of Science

Demoncy Sepulchral Whispers Empire Of The Fallen Angel (Eternal Black Dominion)

Adramelech Across the Grey Waters Psychostasia

Sataniic Beast Within From Hell 

Voivod Korgull Live in Belgium 1987

Demolition Hammer Infectious Hospital Waste Tortured Existence

Grenade Metal of Death The Howling Damned

Hades Archer The Stench (Cadaver on the Cross) Penis Metal

Funebrarum Grave Reaper The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams

Grifteskymfning Hadstjerne Bedrövelsens Härd

Beherit Pagan Moon Engram

Gorement The Memorial The Ending Quest

Order From Chaos Forsake Me This Mortal Coil Stillbirth Machine

Graveland      Thousand Swords   1050 Years of Pagan Cult


Appreciating Deicide's "Legion"

Sometimes an album requires 15 years of examination before it can be addressed adequately. Deicide released their second album Legion in the summer of 1992, and it proved to be the apex of their career. It was long in coming, delayed three times by Roadrunner, and I was obsessed with obtaining it.

I was fifteen going on sixteen, and for almost six months I hardly cared about anything else. Girls? What are those? Can they get me the new Deicide album? No? Then forget it. My mania began when Deicide had come to town on a week’s notice the previous winter. They had never before played Texas, and a whole state’s worth of hessians had been clamoring to see them since their eponymous release over a year before. The show itself was a revelation. The band was tight, proficient, ferocious, and surprisingly charismatic. They tore through the entirety of their sole album which only a few breaks for frontman Glen Benton to praise and incite the crowd, as well as an intermission while the security team hastily nailed the wooden stage barrier back together after we smashed it to pieces in our fervency. Once the band had exhausted their catalog my friends and I caught our breaths, and started to walk towards the exit. That was all the songs they had to play, after all.

Suddenly a voice boomed at our backs- “We got a couple of new ones for you!” Glen and company had taken the stage once more. “This is from our upcoming album Legion! In Hell I Burn!” The room ignited. We rushed back to the front of the stage and joined the crushing wave of bodies. The new song was chaotic and technical, and Deicide were clearly excited about their new material as they played it to the hilt. “Holy Deception” followed with the same inflammatory delivery, and then the band stood down and left us to sort out our tangled hair, soggy shirts, and missing shoes

I was bewitched. Deicide was already my favorite band and the brief taste of new songs further tightened their grip upon me. As Legion continued to be delayed (as it happens, it was announced before the band had even completed it) my anticipation became feverish. One Friday my friend Chris, with whom I’d attended the show, came to my house to “show me something”. It was a new album but he wouldn’t let me see it and instead just put it in my CD player. A droning roar and cacophony of bleating sheep drifted out of my speakers. What could it be? Legion was finally to come out on Tuesday, and I had already planned to devote the whole day to buying and listening to it. The first notes of the opening song struck abruptly and I was still confused. What WAS it? Then a familiar death-preacher voice cut through the tangle of guitars and blast beats; Chris grinned as he pulled the CD longbox out of the bag, and there was a full-sized photo of Deicide in all their Satanic glory. Glen’s bottomless black eyes stared back at us as the songs hammered the room. The record store had gotten the CDs early and decided to put them on the shelves for the weekend. And for all the build-up, for all the anticipation and impatience, every note of the album was worth the wait. Chris and I finished listening to it in disbelief, then immediately started it again. It was a good day to be a Deicide worshipper.

Almost two decades later I have listened to this album literally thousands of times. At 29 minutes it is very easy to set the CD on repeat and feel my brain cells become awash in hellish audio napalm again and again. It never loses its impact. I know every note by heart, and I have studied it and dissected it by every available means (the Hoffman brothers hard panned their guitars, so adjusting the balance switch will yield new and enlightening information about the song arrangements). Many people didn’t understand Legion upon its initial release. The preceding album was a collection of intense but highly musical anthems about the occult, godkilling, and Satanic suicide. The songs were brilliant and infectiously mnemonic, and they allowed Deicide to rise to a status second only to Morbid Angel in the Death Metal movement.

Legion, however, was a headlong dive into the abyss; a feral and fractured deconstruction of the band’s first outing that transformed their established sound into a berserker rage of sonic violence. The arrangements were twisted and jarring, the production was ear-shattering, and the message was more focused and dire than ever. This was not just an album, it was a mission statement. Glen Benton had already repeatedly decreed his own suicide at age 33, and this deadline seemed to serve as the impetus of abandon with which the band attacked each song. Legion was an affirmation of the Great Beyond, albeit one that promised eternal torment and pain, as well as an utter rejection of life, comfort, and the mundanity of daily existence that reduces people to craven weaklings.

Accordingly, the less cerebral portion of the Death Metal fanbase was alienated by such a challenging offering and it could be argued that the backlash to Deicide’s audacity was a large contributor towards the mainstream success of bands like Cannibal Corpse. Nevertheless, time inevitably bears out the merit of all great efforts and as such Legion is now widely regarded as a groundbreaking classic. Virtually all Death Metal releases in the following five years bear the marks of its influence, most notably in regard to increased attack and tempo. Despite its impact, no band has ever managed to truly recapture the nature of this release. This is true for even Deicide themselves, who ultimately reversed course with Once Upon the Cross, and then degenerated into the same low-grade Death Metal drudgery that they had once endeavored to dismantle. In fairness, there could not really be a Legion II and to their credit the band declined to attempt one.

The tragedy of Deicide and their legacy is that a whole generation of hessians know the band as a blunt, inelegant, and jock-brained outfit that write thudding tunes with a weak grasp of Satanism and even weaker sense of songcraft. This is not the band I remember, the band that fired my imagination and made me want to take up arms and scourge the Christian vermin. To me, Glen Benton died at 33 because the man he has become is a man long dead. A white hot rage is one that will consume a soul rapidly, and Deicide’s brand of rage was enough to consume them all. Still, I refuse to allow their transgressions to negate their contributions.

Legion will always be one of the best albums ever, no matter what Glen and his current line-up of mercenary Christians do next. It no longer belongs to them; it belongs to the fans and the people who still listen to that album year after year without surrender. If you haven’t listened to it in a while or avoided it because of the band’s recent output, challenge yourself to embrace this masterwork in all its caustic, quixotic glory. You will become a believer. You will become Legion.

Metalenema Episode 4-21-21

We debut the newest from Texas' cauldron of metal madness, Steel Bearing Hand, along with killer new tracks from Cambion and Kanonenfieber! Fuck yeah!


Steel Bearing Hand Command of the Infernal Exarch Slay In Hell
Necromaniac Cosmic Onslaught Morbid Metal
Mortuary Drape Liar Jubileum Tolling 13 Knell
Cambion Obscuratio Conflagrate the Celestial Refugium
Exmortis Lords of Abomination Descent Into Chaos
Heresiarch Storming Upon Knaves Death Ordinance
Ljosazabojstwa Idzi I Hliadzi Głoryja Śmierci
Demented Ted Liquid Remains Promises Impure
Eternal Majesty The Way of Eternal Damnation SPK Kommando: We Hope You Die
Drave La Débâcle Terroir
Kanonenfieber Der letzte Flug Menschenmühle
Excel Split Image Split Image
The Stone Tremors Beneath the Ground of the Charnel House Kosturnice
Emperor/Enslaved I am the Black Wizards Emperor / Hordanes Land
Malevolent Creation Thou Shall Kill! Ten Commandments
Dr. Shrinker Rawhead Rex Grotesque Wedlock
Invincible Force Illusion of Truth Decomposed Sacramentum
Denial of God The Shapeless Mass The Hallow Mass
Embrace of Thorns The Origin of Scourge Praying for Absolution
Les Neiges Eternelles Comme Une Charogne Neige Éternelle



Metalenema Rewind: Episode 9-18-2017


A rewind from the glorious Wings of Metal in Montreal, 2017. Voivod and Sacrifice headlined, and holy shit, was it awesome!



Metalenema Episode 3-31-21 - with Calm and Collected "Bryan Cranston"


Our frequent guest returns as the new and improved Calm and Collected Bryan Cranston, and he tries valiantly to contain himself throughout. See if he makes it!



Kaeck Afgod Stormkult

Ritual Decay At the Threshold of Dominion Incendiary Provocation

Lucifericon Azothoz : the Alpha & Omega of Zoa-Azoa Al?-?Khem?-?Me

Omegavortex B.A.S. Black Abomination Spawn

Deus Mortem Breaking the Sceptres, Crushing the Wands The Fiery Blood

Golgotha Delirium Land of Death

Sempiternal Deathreign  Dying Day The Spooky Gloom

Had  Et Dyrisk Ondt Ønske Mod Alt Og Alle Untitled (EP)

Ectovoid The Expanse Between Slumber and Death Dark Abstraction

Recipients of Death Gunned down Recipients of Death

Sorghegard Heralds of Carnage Holocaust of the Holy

Hulder Implements Of Hell De Oproeping Van Middeleeuwse Duisternis

Somme Iron Kingdom Prussian Blood

Charon Key to Nowhere - The Absolute Sulphur Seraph

Num Skull Kiss Me, Kill Me Ritually Abused

God Macabre Life’s Verge The Winterlong

Necromass Sadomasochist Tallow Doll Mysteria Mystica Zothyriana

Craft Succumb to Sin Void

Decrepitaph A Suffocating Evil Profane Doctrines Unburied

Obituary 'Til Death Slowly We Rot

Old Wainds Wolves In White Scalding Coldness

Infester Chamber Of Reunion To The Depths... In Degradation


Metalenema Episode 3-17-21


We bid farewell to LG Petrov of Entombed and offer new tracks from Os, Beelzeebubth, and Wederganger!



Wederganger Gelderse Drek  Halfvergaan Ontwaakt

Nadsvest Otvori dveri Kolo ognja i železa

Os Introibo Ad Mortem, Qui Illuminat Vitam Meam Stationes Viae Mortis

Pseudogod Necromancy of the Iron Darkness Deathwomb Catechesis

Beelzeebubth Black Slave Ship (the Triumph of Death) Sæculum Obscurum

Proscription Voiceless Calling Conduit

Convulse Godless Truth World Without God

Corpsessed Forlorn Burial Impetus of Death

Demigod As I Behold I Despise Slumber of Sullen Eyes

TrenchRot Gallery Of The Dead Necronomic Warfare

Malicious Prophecies Guerra toxica Reducido a Cenizas

Sturdy Taste Unforgettable Punishment Lovely Presentation demo

Celtic Frost Ain Elohim Monotheist

Agressor Voices From Below Neverending Destiny

Amen Corner Deusdemoteme Fall, Ascencion And Domination

Sororicide Vivisection The Entity

Gammacide Walking Plague Victims of Science

Deicide Mephistopheles Deicide

Gehenna The Killing Kind Adimiron Black

Corpse Necrosadism Mortal Terror

Antaeus Control And Abuse Blood Libels

Entombed Left Hand Path Left Hand Path


Metalenema Episode 3-3-21


The guys talk about how life really sucks a lot compared to the 80s, and then speculate about people stage-diving while on fire. Also, new stuff from Sorcier Des Glaces (yes, again!)



Samael Son Of Earth Ceremony Of Opposites

Malakhim His Voiceless Whisper Theion

Sorcier Des Glaces The Ghost from the Northland Ghastly Memories (EP)

Grafvitnir Wound in Night's Flesh Death's Wings Widespread

Sadistic Ritual Executioner Visionaire Of Death

Temple of Baal Lord of the Raging Seas Verses of Fire

Mortem Angel of Apostasy Deinós Nekrómantis

Funeral Mist Nightside Phantom Devilry

Cianide Human Cesspool The Dying Truth

Phobocosm Awaken Unconscious Deprived

Nucleus Cantos Sentient

Divine Eve Vindication Vengeful And Obstinate

Nefarious Coffin Breath Death Beckons [EP]

Youna Urgewalt Zornvlouch

Necrodeath At The Mountains Of Madness Into The Macabre 

Disma Towards The Megalith Towards The Megalith

Death Yell Confessions After Death Morbid Rites

Deathrow Raging Steel Raging Steel

Xalpen 1340 Sawken Xo´on

Deathspell Omega Drink the Devil's Blood Infernal Battles


Metalenema Episode 2-17-21


It turns out extreme winter weather is not nearly as glamorous as Immortal or Sorcier Des Glaces would have you believe! Texas is shut the fuck down for now, but we are using our interval between rolling blackouts to bring you this week's episode, featuring new tracks from Yoth Iria, Nekromantheon, and Werewolf Bloodorder!



Yoth Iria The Red Crown Turns Black As the Flame Withers

Dark Angel Perish In Flames Darkness Descends

Werewolf Bloodorder Tyrants Of Black Blood Rites Of Murder And Sacrifice

Nekromatheon The Visions of Trismegistos The Visions of Trismegistos

Suppression Fruit of Sickness Repugnant Remains

Critical Defiance Misconception Misconception

Monstraat Angel Harvest Scythe and Sceptre

Crucifix Devious Conceptions Barriers

Crypt Of Kerberos Cyclone Of Insanity Cyclone Of Insanity 

Marras Lifeless Sculptures Where Light Comes to Die

Force Of Darkness Beast Carnage Force Of Darkness

Mortuary Drape Cycle Of Horror Secret Sudaria

Grave Miasma Arisen Through The Grave Miasma Exalted Emanation

Impiety Terror, Death , Worship! Formidonis Nex Cultus

Morpheus Descends Signs Of Gehenna From Blackened Crypts

Sadus And Then You Die Illusions 

Teitanblood Sunken Stars The Baneful Choir

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult Mardom - Echo Zmory Mardom

Paralysis Shroud of Iniquity Patrons of the Dark

Sindrome Aortic Expulsion Resurrection - The Complete Collection

Nocturnal Graves Skullthrone Satan's Cross

Mystic Charm Deadly Embrace Shadows Of The Unknown


Metalenema Episode 2-3-21


The Undertaker eats potato chips on the air, with debuts from Tzompantli, Hexorcist, and this cool new band called Frozen Shadows!



Frozen Shadows Au Seuil Des Ténèbres Dans Les Bras Des Immortels

Warp Chamber Shadows of Long Forgotten Terror Implements of Excruciation

Tzompantli Tlehco Tonatiuh I Tlamanalli

Hexorcist Behold! The Great Black Prophet Bestiarum Vocabulum

Monstraat Black Soils Rise Scythe and Sceptre

Slayer Evil Has No Boundaries Live Undead

Funeral Mist Nightside Phantom Devilry

Slaughter Death Dealer Strappado

Häxanu Sulfur, Salt, Mercury Snare Of All Salvation

Ondskapt Ascension Grimoire Ordo Devus

Terrorama Inanimate Omen Genocide

Sühnopfer Sonnent les Aurisses Offertoire

Ensnared With Roots Below Ravenous Damnation's Dawn

Nekromantheon Embrace The Oracle Rise, Vulcan Spectre

Niden Div. 187 In the Twilight of War Impergium

Revenant The Unearthly Prophecies of a Dying World

Coroner Mistress Of Deception No More Color

Face Of Evil Eternally Blasphemed Face Of Evil

Corpsessed Apotheosis Beyond Abysmal Thresholds

Frostmoon Attack Of The Northern Frostwinds Tordenkrig


Metalenema 1-20-21

The Undertaker went and Slayerized the studio, and he and Slitzkrieg talk shit about social media and then play some songs!



Schizophrenia Structure Of Death Voices
Boundless Chaos Crush Of Death and Perdition

Slagmark Feeding the Urge to Destroy  Purging Sacred Soils
Ordeals The Ascendant Apotheosis
Concrete Winds White Cut Manifest  Primitive Force
Truppensturm Walk The Path Of War Fields of Devastation
Proch Horda Trupi Synod
Oath of Cruelty Victory Rites of Exsanguination Summary Execution at Dawn
Evoke Wrathcurse  Seeds of Death
Ritualization Morbid Magick Stigmata  Sacraments To The Sons Of The Abyss
Sarcophagus Human Machines Sarcophagus, Deadnoise, Ubermensch
Profanatica Fuck the MessiahAltar of the Virgin Whore
Infesticide The Phosphovore  Envenoming Wounds
IMMOLATION Despondent Souls  Demo II
Impious Baptism Rites of Illuminated Death  Wrath Of The Apex Predator
Insane Death By Command Wait And Pray
Cornigr Furnace Foundation Funereal Harvest 
Proscription I, The Burning Son  Conduit
1914 High Wood. 75 Acres Of Hell  The Blind Leading The Blind
Mercyless Without Christ Abject Offerings
Cannibal Corpse Return To Flesh The Bleeding