Metalenema Episode 2-17-21


It turns out extreme winter weather is not nearly as glamorous as Immortal or Sorcier Des Glaces would have you believe! Texas is shut the fuck down for now, but we are using our interval between rolling blackouts to bring you this week's episode, featuring new tracks from Yoth Iria, Nekromantheon, and Werewolf Bloodorder!



Yoth Iria The Red Crown Turns Black As the Flame Withers

Dark Angel Perish In Flames Darkness Descends

Werewolf Bloodorder Tyrants Of Black Blood Rites Of Murder And Sacrifice

Nekromatheon The Visions of Trismegistos The Visions of Trismegistos

Suppression Fruit of Sickness Repugnant Remains

Critical Defiance Misconception Misconception

Monstraat Angel Harvest Scythe and Sceptre

Crucifix Devious Conceptions Barriers

Crypt Of Kerberos Cyclone Of Insanity Cyclone Of Insanity 

Marras Lifeless Sculptures Where Light Comes to Die

Force Of Darkness Beast Carnage Force Of Darkness

Mortuary Drape Cycle Of Horror Secret Sudaria

Grave Miasma Arisen Through The Grave Miasma Exalted Emanation

Impiety Terror, Death , Worship! Formidonis Nex Cultus

Morpheus Descends Signs Of Gehenna From Blackened Crypts

Sadus And Then You Die Illusions 

Teitanblood Sunken Stars The Baneful Choir

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult Mardom - Echo Zmory Mardom

Paralysis Shroud of Iniquity Patrons of the Dark

Sindrome Aortic Expulsion Resurrection - The Complete Collection

Nocturnal Graves Skullthrone Satan's Cross

Mystic Charm Deadly Embrace Shadows Of The Unknown


Metalenema Episode 2-3-21


The Undertaker eats potato chips on the air, with debuts from Tzompantli, Hexorcist, and this cool new band called Frozen Shadows!



Frozen Shadows Au Seuil Des Ténèbres Dans Les Bras Des Immortels

Warp Chamber Shadows of Long Forgotten Terror Implements of Excruciation

Tzompantli Tlehco Tonatiuh I Tlamanalli

Hexorcist Behold! The Great Black Prophet Bestiarum Vocabulum

Monstraat Black Soils Rise Scythe and Sceptre

Slayer Evil Has No Boundaries Live Undead

Funeral Mist Nightside Phantom Devilry

Slaughter Death Dealer Strappado

Häxanu Sulfur, Salt, Mercury Snare Of All Salvation

Ondskapt Ascension Grimoire Ordo Devus

Terrorama Inanimate Omen Genocide

Sühnopfer Sonnent les Aurisses Offertoire

Ensnared With Roots Below Ravenous Damnation's Dawn

Nekromantheon Embrace The Oracle Rise, Vulcan Spectre

Niden Div. 187 In the Twilight of War Impergium

Revenant The Unearthly Prophecies of a Dying World

Coroner Mistress Of Deception No More Color

Face Of Evil Eternally Blasphemed Face Of Evil

Corpsessed Apotheosis Beyond Abysmal Thresholds

Frostmoon Attack Of The Northern Frostwinds Tordenkrig