Metalenema Episode 4-20-22


More from our band of the month, Ultra Silvam, along with new tracks from Heinous and the usual onslaught of metal goodness!



Demonarchy Siege Of The Black Stone Demo II

Morpheus Descends The Cruciform Hills From Blackened Crypts

Impiety Reigning Armageddon Versus All Gods

Heinous Ritual, Blood and Mysterious Dawn Ritual, Blood and Mysterious Dawn

Ultra Silvam Incarnation Reverse The Sanctity of Death

Ultra Silvam Black Soil Fornication The Sanctity of Death

Chamber Of Unlight Summoning The Spirit Of The Dead Realm Of The Night

Siege Column Secret Forces of the Pentagram Secret Forces of the Pentagram

Degial Crown Of Fire Predator Reign

Hypnosia Perpetual Dormancy Horror Infernal

Malevolent Creation Monster Retribution

Fallen Christ God of Fire Abduction Ritual

Emperor Cosmic Keys to My Creations & Times Wrath of the Tyrant

Decameron Satanized My Shadow...

Impending Doom Frozen Empire Apocalypse III-The Manifested Purgatorium

Mavorim Königsjäger Axis Mundi

DESECRESY Funeral Odyssey Stoic Death

Bloodlust Devoted to the Dark Hideous 

Abigor The Saint of Murder Totschläger (A Saintslayer's Songbook)

Cemetarian Tomb of Morbid Stench Tomb of Morbid Stench

Morta Skuld Wounds Deeper Than Time Wounds Deeper Than Time

Baxaxaxa The Great Malicious Tongue Catacomb Cult

Bestial Warlust Storming Vengeance Vengeance War 'till Death

Carcass Pyosisified (Rotten To The Gore) Symphonies Of Sickness

Aura Noir Priest s Hellish Fiend Out To Die

Hexorcist Accursed Affirmations Evil Reaping Death


Metalenema 4-6-22


The guys talk about the dangers of huge pits and play new songs from our band of the month, Ultra Silvam!



  1. MorningStar War & Victory Heretic Metal
  2. Coroner Absorbed Punishment For Decadence
  3. Naked Whipper Nunrider Pain Streaks
  4. Ultra Silvam Dies Irae The Sanctity of Death
  5. Ultra Silvam Sodom vises himlafärd The Sanctity of Death
  6. TRENCHANT Darkwater Graves Commandoccult
  7. TrenchRot Dragged Down To Hell Necronomic Warfare
  8. Entrench The Process of Annihilation Violent Procreation
  9. Sammath All Lay Dead in the Slit Trenches of Calcar Across the Rhine is Only Death
  10. Morbid Angel Rapture Covenant
  11. Crucifier The Black Angel Thy Sulfur Throne On High
  12. Dark Angel Darkness Descends Darkness Descends
  13. Dark Reign Desanctified Deceased Fire Power Resurrecting Death
  14. Dark Funeral Shadows Over Transylvania Dark Funeral
  15. Condemner Aether Dawn Burning the Decadent
  16. Mystic Charm Saved Soul Shadows Of The Unknown
  17. Aempyrean Undying Scourge Fireborn
  18. Deathfucker Emissaries Of Hatred Firespawn
  19. Church Of Disgust Writhing Dominion Unworldly Summoning
  20. ECTOVOID Precipice of Absolute Chaos Dark Abstraction
  21. Monarque Le serment prononcé Jusqu'à la mort